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Computer Clinic TechWe offer a variety of services including, but not limited to: Diagnostics, Upgrades, Virus Removal, Software Installation, Data Recovery, Hardware Repairs/Replacement, VHS-DVD Transfers, Networking-Wireless, and One on One Training. We specialize in Performance Enhancement and Preventative Maintenance.

We also offer training, setup, etc. on mobile phones and tablets.

We provide in-shop and onsite services and cater to residents and local businesses.

Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow? Have a fake AntiVirus popping up saying your computer is infected and asking for a credit card to remove the infections? The Virus Removal service will remove all infections while keeping all your data safe and restore your computer to its original performance. Most often we can clean your computer without having to reload the operating system.

Services Include:

  • Diagnose performance and operating problems
  • Remove all viruses and infections
  • Apply Windows and program updates
  • Optimization of start-up and operation of the computer
  • Antivirus installation

Computer Checkup and Optimization

Does your computer no longer run like it used to when you first bought it? Does it feel sluggish and take a long time to load programs? The Tune-Up & Optimization service will optimize your computer so it will run like new!

Services Include:

  • Diagnose performance issues
  • Optimization of start up and operation of the computer
  • Clean up temporary files and defragment hard drive
  • Remove trialware and adware applications
  • Check for and install updates

Wireless Network Setup

Looking to set up a wireless network in your home or office to share files and/or a printer? Or just want to connect a router to allow wireless connections? The Wireless Network Setup service will take care of all these issues.

Services Include:

  • Initial connection of modem and router
  • Configuration of router and implementation of wireless security
  • Set up file and printer sharing
  • Optimization of start up and operation of the computer

Hardware/Software Installation

Looking to upgrade the memory on your computer? Need more space? Want a better video card? Need help with installing software? Looking for someone to build a custom computer? The Hardware/Software Installation service will resolve all your hardware/software needs.

Services Include:

  • Installation of Hardware/Software
  • Cleanup temporary files
  • Optimization of start up and operation of the computer

Data Backup and Recovery

Did your hard drive crash with all your important information? Does your computer no longer power on and you need data from the hard drive? The Data Backup and Recovery service will recover your important data.

Services Include:

  • Data Recovery from healthy or damaged drive
  • Backup of data onto CDs/DVDs, another computer, or your external hard drive

Windows Errors

Are you getting Windows errors when turning on the computer or during use? Getting the famous Blue Screen of Death error? We'll diagnose your computer and pinpoint the problem.

Services Include:

  • Diagnose and resolve Windows errors
  • Optimization of startup and operation of the computer

Full System Recovery

Want to restore the computer to its original factory state? Is Windows corrupted beyond repair and need it reinstalled? The Windows Reinstallation service will take care of these issues and restore the computer like if it was brand new.

Services Include:

  • Installation of operating system
  • Installation of all device drivers
  • Testing to verify devices are properly functioning
  • Installation of Windows updates
  • Installation of antivirus software

Computer Training

Need one on one help in learning how to use your computer or a specific program? The Computer Training service is the service for you. Training can be done in our shop or at your home or business.

Services Include:

  • One on one training on how to use Windows and/or specific programs